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Soft Nylon Dog Muzzle Training

Soft Nylon Dog Muzzle Training

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Brand Name: JANPET


Type: Muzzles

is_customized: No

Material: nylon

Is Smart Device: No

CN: Guangdong

Pattern: Solid

Feature: Padded

Type: Dogs

Season: All seasons

Model name: PET DOG Muzzle


Nylon Straps Dog Muzzle Anti Barking Training Pet Mouth Mask Harness for Small Large Dogs Prevent from Biting, Adjustable Loop

PRODUCT Description

Main Feature


Place your forefinger under the tape measure to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement. Notice: Not suitable for pit bull mix and all other dogs with a shorter snout.


Please be aware of importance of training dog to accept to wear muzzle

1. Let him sniff the muzzle. Give a treat. Repeat a few times.

2. Touch his nose with the muzzle. Treat. Repeat until he indicates that the muzzle looks interesting in a good way.

3. Hold the muzzle with one hand and a treat with the other hand, so he needs to put his nose inside the muzzle to get the treat. Repeat until this step is no big deal.

4. Gently slip the muzzle onto his nose and give him a treat. Remove the muzzle immediately. Repeat a few times.

5. Put on the muzzle and fasten the buckle. Treat. Remove immediately. Repeat a few times.

6. Put on the muzzle, fasten it, and count slowly to five. Treat. Remove the muzzle.

7. Each time you put on the muzzle, gradually increase the time the muzzle is on. Hold his collar and give treats

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